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August is actually a holiday time , but that's not the case of FreeGIS. In fact, the FreeGIS's team has kept on working very hard during the summer  and very important meetings  were organized . These meetings had the aim to detect new potential projects and working groups  that could create important synergies with our  project.



June was really an important month for the Free GIS project. The first advisory board's meeting took place; the advisory board is a working group which will lead and advise the operators during the whole project. On June 17, there was  an important convention about the "Humbold-framework". The convention was joined by several operators and technicians .

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FreeGIS ha l'obiettivo di affrontare il tema del GIS Free Open Source quale strumento aperto per la registrazione, l'analisi, la visualizzazione e la restituzione di informazioni geografiche.

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The FreeGIS Project


The Free GIS Project aims to approach the recording , the analysis and the return of geographic information through the use of open data formats and Free Open Source Software. .

FreeGIS is an Interreg Italy-Switzerland project financed by the Program of superregional cooperation Italy-Switzerland 2007-2013 of the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and the European Union. It is an in-depth analysis of the Interreg Italy-Switzerland project called CoCOS and it is consolidated through the Software Centre South Tyrol of the TIS innovation park in Bolzano

The aims of Free GIS are: to identify the characteristics of the development of multilingual capabilities of GIS software; to define the details of a Reference Implementation composed exclusively by Free Software components; to identify a FreeGIS Data Licence, which is appropriate for the community and national requirements. All actions are preceded by an analysis of the status quo and generate the publication of guidelines dealing especially with the Public Administration.

The main aims of the projects are:

  • to create a Reference System

  • to identify a suitable Free GIS Data Licence

  • to identify protocols of Open Data Formats


The project started on August 2, 2010 and ends 26 months later, on August 1, 2013

Reference Implementation

The new Reference Geographic Information System allows the dissemination of spatial data in in open source. The implementation relies only on Free Software components that communicate and manage the data through open protocols.

FreeGIS Data Licence

A working group of experts in GIS, GPL, Free Software, Creative Commons will be established, in order to identify, and if necessary to define, a FreeGIS Date Licence, responding to community and national requirements.